Prison » Ingraham Urges Viewers To Wear MAGA Hats To Show ‘What True Tolerance Looks Like’

Steve Watson
February 1, 2019

Conservative commentator Laura Ingraham urged viewers of her Fox News show Thursday to continue wearing the red MAGA hats despite attempts to ban them in public, and not to allow themselves to “be bullied out of ” their communities by “angry and resentful” haters.

Ingraham ran clips of the Trump-hating media and the President’s political opponents trying desperately to paint up Trump supporters as evil racists.

“It’s now gotten so bad in America that wearing a Trump hat is basically considered a hate crime.” Ingraham declared.

The host argued that “the goal” of Democrats and the media is “to brand an entire belief system as immoral, evil, toxic, and of course it’s racist.”

Ingraham further argued that “by any objective analysis, Donald Trump’s policies are working. And they’re not scary, and they’re not racist, and they’re not anti-woman, and they’re not anti-immigrant.”

“Not only is this conservative agenda working,” she added, “it’s working really well for minorities.”

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Ingraham noted that the successes of Trump are flatly ignored by those who just want everyone to be as “angry and resentful” as they are.

The host urged Trump supporters to “actively engage in minority communities” and not “be bullied out of them.”

Turning specifically back to the MAGA hats, Ingraham advised “I would continue to wear them whenever and wherever you like.”

“And when doing so, be sure to show everyone around you what true tolerance, kindness, and inclusiveness looks like.” the host added.

The advice comes in the wake of stories of restaurants and store owners attempting to ban people wearing the hats, following the fallout from the Covington kids incident last month.

As Ingraham noted during her piece, over at fake news CNN, Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon discussed…

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