Prison » Government reveals Brexit No Deal Doomsday plans

Daily Mail
August 23, 2018

Ministers unveiled a raft of plans today to prevent ‘no deal’ Brexit causing carnage – admitting that credit card charges could rise and expats could be locked out of pensions.

The potential pitfalls of failure to strike a deal with the EU were spelled out in documents that warned losing access to shared IT systems could mean millions of pounds in extra charges for online shoppers and tourists visiting the bloc.

Ex-pats could also struggle to access pensions and accounts administered by UK-based banks, while medicines could be delayed by regulatory upheaval.

There are even concerns of shortage in sperm as imports from Denmark might be hampered, and dramatic health warning photographs on cigarette packets will have to be replaced as the EU holds the copyright.

Launching the first tranche of 25 ‘technical notes’ on the consequences of no deal, Dominic Raab tried to play down the picture they painted, insisting the government was just making sure Britain was ‘ready’.

The Brexit Secretary also stressed he was still ‘confident’ an agreement would be reached.

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This article was posted: Thursday, August 23, 2018 at 10:29 am

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