Prison » Gorilla Statue Removed from Playground After 19 Years, Suddenly ‘Racist’

Truth Revolt
March 2, 2018

A statue of a gorilla inside a climbable cage has been a favorite feature for children at a playground in Corsicana, Texas, for the last 19 years. However, it was removed on Monday after a few complaints that it was “racially insensitive,” according to

Mayor Don Denbow said he, a city manager, and a city council member decided to remove the statue from the playground after “more and more phone calls” and “personal discussions” were had with some in the community, the report states.

“Well, the facts — it’s a black gorilla in a cage,” Denbow said. “I think that’s what I gleaned from all those comments.”

Denbow told the news station that the cage was put up “years ago” because the statue wasn’t reinforced and could fall down and injure a child. But no one ever complained until the last “few weeks” about the perceived racial connotations, the mayor said.

It didn’t take long for more voices around the community to express disappointment that the city caved so quickly. A mock memorial was set up at the empty cage and even held candlelight vigil was held. Someone created a Facebook page named after the gorilla, “In Memory of Dobby,” where people shared their favorite memories:

With the outpouring of support in favor of “Dobby,” Corsicana city council member Jeff Smith said on Wednesday that the city has decided to return the gorilla to its rightful cage “as soon as weather permits.”

Then, kids will be able to play on Dobby’s cage without the slightest thought of racism like they’ve done for almost 20 years.

We knew leftists were coming after historical statues, but we never thought that would include one of an animal. If leftists are associating a gorilla with black people, what does that say about the left?

This article was posted: Friday, March 2, 2018 at 7:40 am

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