Prison » GOP Seizes On Left’s “Unhinged Mob” Mentality In Viral Video

Zero Hedge
October 13, 2018

The GOP message going into midterms is simple; the left is an “unhinged mob” full of “radical Democrats” who shouldn’t be allowed to govern the country. 

The mob-mentality began last Saturday after President Trump said that the Democratic resistance to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was an attempt by an “angry mob” to hijack the proceedings “in their quest for power.”

“They threw away and threw aside every notion of fairness, of justice, of decency and of due process,” Trump said of the anti-Kavanaugh efforts. “What he and his wonderful family endured at the hands of Democrats is unthinkable, unthinkable.

Trump then said “On November 6 you will have the chance to stop the radical Democrats — and that’s what they have become.”

To that end, the GOP has crafted an advertisement around the “unhinged mob” theme in a Thursday video which quickly went viral:

Others have created similar videos, such as conservative political consultant, Harlan Hill:

The MSM “resists” 

To combat the phrase “mob” from being attached to leftists, the mainstream media has begun to push back against conservative guests who utter the word. This was immediately picked up on and turned into yet another viral video of reporters telling people not to say “mob” juxtaposed with more of the “unhinged left.”

Inciting the…

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