Prison » Dem Congressman Admits Voters Don’t Care About “Russian Collusion”

Says Democrats will “pay a cost at the polls” if they don’t realize this

Paul Joseph Watson
March 6, 2018


During an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Rep. Jim Himes (D., Conn.) admitted that voters don’t care about the “Russian collusion” issue.

Asked by Washington Post reporter Robert Costa why Democrats weren’t making the Russia investigation a centerpiece of their mid-term campaigns if it was a “serious issue,” Himes conceded that ordinary Americans just aren’t all that bothered.

“My good friend Cheri Bustos, who represents a very tough district in Illinois—we have sort of a running joke going in the mornings, which is she’s got a district very different than mine. I represent Fairfield County, Connecticut. She’s in the heartland,” Himes said. “She’s in a district where we need to figure out how to win again. Every Monday morning when I see Cheri, we come up and there’s a little bit of laughter. She says, ‘You know what? My constituents still aren’t asking me about Russia.’”

Himes added that Americans are concerned about “kitchen table issues,” adding that Democrats will “pay a cost at the polls” if they fail to grasp this.

Himes then explained why there is a total disconnect between DC and the rest of America when it comes to the importance of the “Russian collusion” issue.

“A case that is made here inside the Beltway rarely I think has a lot of resonance to middle-class families sitting around in small towns in Ohio and Michigan,” he said.

Himes’ honest admission correlates with recent polls that prove Americans remain almost entirely unconcerned with the Russia story.

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