Prison » CNN Warns of Russian Collusion…at the National Prayer Breakfast?!

February 9, 2018

The C in CNN must stand for Collusion (with Russia), since positively everything presidential magnetically acquires an obsessed-with-Russia angle.

This one is a standout: they infiltrated the National Prayer Breakfast! reported “Big Russian delegation anticipated for prayer breakfast in Washington.” It’s not really about prayer and breakfast, it’s a “prime networking opportunity for Beltway insiders. But this year’s event is also an opportunity for dozens of Russians.”

The “big delegation” drew its own scare tweet: 

Inside CNN’s own story, it is obvious that the Russian delegation is tiny compared to the size of the audience. Breakfast organizer A. Larry Ross told CNN “I can confirm that this year, the Breakfast will be attended by more than 3,800 individuals representing over 130 countries and territories around the world. Approximately 55 are coming from Russia, including a group of 35 young professionals — millennial doctors, lawyers and business leaders in their 20s and 30s — invited out of a context of relationship and faith.”

But before this discouraging math that Russians were about 1.5 percent of attendees emerged, CNN played up the Russian influence-peddling sure to unfold:

One Russian official who was invited, Aleksandr Zharkov, told the Russian business newspaper RBC, “It’s a very unique situation, because despite all these difficulties we have (in relations with the US), the quota for Russians is very high this year.”

Added Zharkov, “It is a sin not to use any platform possible for negotiations between different layers of society.”

Two Russian officials said a “Russia house” — a…

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