Prison » CNN Republican Rules ‘Fox News Jerks’ Trump ‘Off Every Single Day’

November 13, 2018

UPDATE, 4:25 p.m. Eastern: Apparently, Tara Setmayer wants us all to watch our rhetoric and call out the President while she’s still allowed to talk about Fox News rhetorically making the President masturbate. In a tweet reacting to this article, Setmayer wrote that she “stand[s] by everything I said in my podcast”:

What a classy individual. Whether it’s folks like Tara Setmayer, Max Boot, David Jolly, Tom Nichols, Jennifer Rubin, Charlie Sykes, Rick Wilson, or any other number of ardent Never Trumpers, not only is supporting diehard liberals and progressives and giving them the power to carry out their far-left policies the proper way to restore conservatism, it’s also appropriate to engage in lewd talk and curse on the air.

Of course, only Trumpers are the ones who have put America into the gutter.


CNN political commentator and pro-Russian Congressman Dana Rohrbacher aide Tara Setmayer has been a diehard Never Trump while supposed still claiming to be a conservative, Republican, or something along those lines. But like almost cable news Republicans, she’s lurched leftward.

On her October 30 podcast, she hypocritical lectured listeners that “words matter” and “we have to be better” while bashing Fox News for being a network that “jerks the President off every single day” and is filled with “political masturbation.” She also suggested that anyone who supports the President or any of his policies…

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