Prison » Capital Gazette Reporter Refuses to Blame Trump For Shooting

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July 2, 2018

Ever since the shooting at the offices of the Capital Gazette newspaper, lefties have been hard at work trying to pin the blame on the Donald.

After all, “Donnie doesn’t care for the media. Shooter guy didn’t care for that newspaper office. I mean, they have to be working together, right?”

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Brian Stelter tried pushing that narrative in an interview with a Capital Gazette reporter. It didn’t quite play out the way Brian had hoped:

“Joshua, do you feel that it was just an isolated incident, a suspect with a grudge against the paper, or do you feel there is something larger here about anti-media rhetoric becoming louder and more dangerous?” Stelter asked.

McKerrow paused for a moment before responding, “I think there’s always been threats to newsrooms. It’s always been something you’ve known in the back of your mind.”

McKerrow, clearly still shaken by the incident, cautioned against making judgments about what inspired the shooter before having the facts.

“It’s not for me to report whether the rhetoric has raised or had anything to contribute with this,” he explained. “I don’t know the facts. I know our job as a newspaper and as journalists is to communicate and create empathy.”

Props to this reporter chap. He could have easily attempted to land a hit on the Orange One by saying “yes, it’s all his fault.” Instead, he erred on the side of honesty. Good man.

There’s nothing to suggest such a connection between the Trump and the homicidal dickbag, other than leftists’ imaginations. “The media is dishonest” doth not equal “kill ’em all.” No amount of leftist finger-crossing will make it so.

Funnily enough, “journalists” like Stelter never seem to ask the hard questions when the “problematic” rhetoric is heading in the opposite direction. Case in point:

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