Prison » Boston Dynamics To Produce 1,000 Robot Dogs Per Year By Mid-2019

Zero Hedge
July 27, 2018

The robot uprising is right on schedule as a new report by Inverse suggests that Boston Dynamics’ terrifying robot dogs will launch into series production by the second half of 2019, producing more than 1,000 of its compact SpotMini models annually.

SpotMini is Boston Dynamics’ quadrupedal robotic dog. If you have watched the dystopian sci-fi series Black Mirror episode “Metalhead,” where a knife-wielding robotic dog runs around killing people, then the company’s latest creation should be frightening for all of humanity.

“Metalhead” is the fifth episode of the fourth series of anthology series Black Mirror. (Source: YouTube) 

It measures two feet, nine inches tall and weighs “66 pounds,” with approximately 1.5 hours of battery life. Boston Dynamics recently released videos showing the robotic dog performing all kinds of functionalities like opening doors and increasingly complicated navigational capabilities.

While the company previously announced plans to mass produce SpotMini in 2019 with a limited run already in pre-production, Inverse’s report reveals new details about the production and how the robotic dog is intended to become a multi-use platform:

“Boston Dynamics has plans to take its robotic helpers mainstream next year: By July 2019, it will be on pace to produce 1,000 SpotMini robots annually.”

“The overarching goal for the 26-year-old company is to become the what Android operating system is for phones: a versatile foundation for limitless applications. That’s the plan, anyway.”

…”Speaking last month at the CeBIT computer expo in Hannover, Germany, Marc Raibert [founder], said Boston Dynamics is already testing SpotMini with potential clients in four categories: construction, delivery, security, and home assistance.”

“We’ve built ten by hand, we’re building 100 with manufacturers at the end of this…

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