Prison » As Violent Crime Soars, Sadiq Khan Vows to Fight Cheeseburgers

London Mayor ridiculed for distracting from real issues

Paul Joseph Watson
May 11, 2018


As violent crime continues to soar in London, Mayor Sadiq Khan went on air to take the fight to the real problem – cheeseburgers.

Yes, really.

During a series of appearance on morning television, Khan announced a proposal to ban junk food ads across the capital.

Brits reacted by ridiculing Khan for distracting what should be his sole focus right now – violent crime. Latest figures show there has been a 38 per cent surge in knife crime in London. Under Khan, homicides have risen by 27.1 per cent and youth homicide by 70 per cent. Other serious crimes like robbery and home burglaries are also on the increase.

“I’m pretty sure that junk food adverts are the least of London’s issues right now. If he doesn’t start doing his job properly then he needs to leave,” said one.

“It’s pathetic. He is pathetic. Where is that petition to get him out! Or do we have to wait till a middle class white person gets killed before he ACTUALLY does something. How he sleeps at night with so much blood on his hands is beyond me,” added another.

Journalist Piers Morgan commented on the farce by tweeting, “Warning to all Londoners: make sure you don’t get stabbed by a cheeseburger today.”

Earlier this week, Khan insisted he had “done nothing wrong” in relation to knife crime and violence, protesting that he published a paper about it before the crime wave peaked, which merely prompted further ridicule.

This is not the first time that Khan has waged…

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