Prison » Anonymous Trump Admin Officials Claim Iran Formed ‘Alliance’ With Al Qaeda to Justify U.S. Attack

Chris Menahan
Information Liberation
February 20, 2019

Anonymous Trump administration officials are putting out the ridiculous story that Iran has formed an “alliance” with Al-Qaeda in order to potentially “provide [a] legal rationale for U.S. military strikes” on Iran and the media is running with it with zero scrutiny.

From Washington Times:

Iran is providing high-level al Qaeda operatives with a clandestine sanctuary to funnel fighters, money and weapons across the Middle East, according to Trump administration officials who warn that the long-elusive, complex relationship between two avowed enemies of America has evolved into an unacceptable global security threat.

With the once-prominent Islamic State receding from the spotlight, The Washington Times has learned that the administration is focusing increasingly on the unlikely alliance between Iran and al Qaeda, with what some sources say is an eye toward establishing a potential legal justification for military strikes against Iran or its proxies.

Skeptics have long doubted that Iran, which this year marked its 40th anniversary as a Shiite Muslim theocracy, could find common cause with a radical Sunni Islamist group such as al Qaeda, but U.S. officials argue that a confluence of interests — and a common enemy in the U.S. and its allies — has brought a level of covert cooperation and coordination that has reached new heights.

This is “Iraq has WMDs” all over again.

This is everything Trump ran against, but as we’ve seen recently he seems to be powerless at this point and just going along with whatever the powers that be tell him.

Mike Pompeo, for God’s sake, hired Elliott Abrams to oversee regime change in Venezuelaeven though Trump personally shot down Abrams’ appointment to the State Department in 2016.

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