PressTV-‘Zombie knives’ causing rise in stabbing deaths in UK

Violence is spiraling out of control in the British capital as gun and knife-related attacks have reached record highs and the metropolitan police are dealing with a shortage of officers.

London’s murder rate is soaring because “feral” youths are stabbing people multiple times with so-called zombie knives, making it virtually impossible for paramedics to save them, one of Scotland Yard’s most senior officers suggested.

Martin Hewitt, assistant commissioner of Metropolitan Police, the territorial police force responsible for law enforcement in Greater London, said the level of violence had got significantly worse over the past five years with his officers now routinely administering “trauma medicine” on the streets of the capital.

“The violence is getting greater. If I was stood here five years ago, I would probably be talking about knife offences where there was generally a single puncture wound,” he said.

“We are now routinely seeing…

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