PressTV-YouTube removes ads from UK far-right Islamophobe

UK far-right activist and Islamophobe Tommy Robinson has been banned from making money on YouTube because he allegedly spread hate on the platform.

A YouTube spokesperson said on Thursday that the video-sharing website has suspended advertisements on Robinson’s account.

“We have suspended ads on Tommy Robinson’s YouTube channel as it breaches our advertising policies,” said the spokesperson.

The ban comes a day after the American video-sharing platform removed adverts from videos on Robinson’s page, saying they promoted “hatred, intolerance or discrimination”.

YouTube’s decision to “demonetize” Robinson’s account came following complaints and reports by other users.

The move would be a serious blow to the Islamophobe figure whose channel has over 270,000 subscribers and enjoys high earnings from far-right viewers in Britain and elsewhere.

Robinson slammed the move and said it was “continued censorship”. He also…

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