PressTV-Yemeni father of 5 kills self over Trump travel ban

A Yemeni-American Muslim man killed himself after the United States government denied his family visas under President Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban, according to NBC News.

The incident happened earlier this month, NBC News reported on Sunday.

Mahmood Salem’s three youngest children are American citizens, but his wife and oldest two are not and the Trump administration denied them visas under Trump’s travel ban, which targets several Muslim-majority countries, including Yemen.

According to reports, Salem called his family, which was stuck up in Djibouti, on July 18 and said goodbye before killing himself.

Salem reportedly said during his final phone call that he didn’t have enough money to support them in Djibouti.

His brother Mimun Salem said the US government’s barring his family to reunite with him in the US caused his death.

“I’ll say it’s the first and main reason. I could give it 90 percent,” he told NBC. “He…

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