PressTV-‘World won’t go along with US economic war on Iran’

The administration of US President Donald Trump does not have the leverage and political clout to rally the world behind its “economic war” on Iran, says American scholar Dr. Kevin Barrett.

“There are all sorts of reasons why the world is not going to go along with Trump’s all-out economic war with Iran,” Barrett, an author and 9/11 researcher in Madison, Wisconsin, said in an interview on Saturday.

“The Trump administration is talking big in its threats against Iran in the same way that Trump is notorious for threatening to rain down ‘fire and fury’ on North Korea,” he said. “The US does not have the leverage anymore to seriously put a real embargo on Iran,” he noted.

Trump pulled the US out of the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement in May, and said that he planned to reinstate sanctions on Iran. However, Washington is finding itself isolated as other signatories to the deal– China, Russia, France, Britain and Germany –…

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