PressTV-White House seeks full implementation of travel ban

The White House has asked the US Supreme Court to allow President Donald Trump’s latest travel ban to take full effect.

The White House request came on Tuesday after an appeals court in California ruled last week that only parts of the travel ban could be enacted.

The Trump administration argued that the latest travel ban differs from the previous orders “both in process and in substance.”  It said the president’s executive order is based on national security objectives and not religious animus.

The latest travel ban was announced on September 24 and replaced two previous versions that had been impeded by federal courts.

People from the six Muslim majority countries of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen were banned from entering into the US for 90 days in the first ban.

Revised a few times, the ban originally followed 2016 campaign pledge by Trump for a “complete” shutdown of Muslims entering the US on the pretext…

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