PressTV-West Virginia teachers strike enters 2nd week over pay

Teachers in the US state of West Virginia plan to continue their two-week long strike and protests until state lawmakers agree to give them a 5 percent raise that was agreed last month.

Unions representing West Virginia teachers and service personnel say they will stay out on strike after the state’s legislature voted to cut the 5 percent pay raise they had negotiated with Governor Jim Justice.

More than 277,000 students have been out of school since February 22, as teachers and other school employees pushed for higher pay, protesting that their wages are among the lowest in the United States.

Last week, the governor promised a 5 percent increase, a move later supported by the Republican-controlled House of Delegates. But the Republican-controlled Senate balked at that plan, offering a 4 percent raise instead.

“We’re asking that all public schools in West Virginia be closed again Monday and remain closed until the senate honors the…

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