PressTV-Voters would back remaining in EU over May’s deal: Poll

British voters support staying in the European Union (EU) over accepting Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal, says the most recent Opinium poll for the Observer.

This comes after the prime minister’s exit plan suffered a historic defeat in the House of Commons on Tuesday.

Given the option of remaining in the EU, a mere 35 percent of the voters said they would back May’s deal in another referendum, while 45 percent said they would vote remain.

People who voted to leave the bloc in 2016, however, were more prepared to say they did not know how they would vote. This would suggest a sign of lean towards the deal, bringing the 10-point gap closer when the actual day comes.

A one-sided cancellation of the deal seemed far-fetched, according to the poll. Almost a quarter (26 percent) thinks the government ought to stop the process, whereas 40 percent think the government should proceed with Brexit on the existing schedule, if it comes…

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