PressTV-Video shows female patient left in chilly Baltimore

The viral video of a recently discharged patient being left outside in the cold wearing only a paper gown in the middle of night in the US city of Baltimore has caused widespread outrage and prompted an investigation at the hospital where she received treatment.

Imamu Baraka was walking by a bus stop in downtown Baltimore on Tuesday night or early Wednesday when he witnessed hospital security guards from the University of Maryland Medical Center dropping off a woman and then walking away.

The young black woman was wearing only a hospital gown and socks in the bone-chilling January weather. The men left her there and simply walked away.

Baraka, who filmed the distressing incident, followed the four men in uniforms as they left the stop with an empty wheelchair.

“Wait, so you all are just going to leave this lady out here with no clothes on?” Baraka can be heard saying in his recording of the incident. “That is not okay.”

One of the men…

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