PressTV-US Zionist offers to pay for new US Israel embassy

The administration of US President Donald Trump is considering an offer from Republican Party mega-donor and Zionist billionaire Sheldon Adelson to help fund the relocation of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem al-Quds.

Adelson, a Las Vegas casino tycoon and hard-line supporter of Israel, has offered to pay the difference between the total cost of the embassy and what the Trump administration is able to raise, four US officials told The Associated Press on Friday.

US State Department lawyers are looking into the legality of accepting private donations to cover some or all of the embassy costs, said the US officials, who were not authorized to discuss the issue publicly and demanded anonymity.

The total price tag to build the new embassy to replace the current one in Tel Aviv is estimated at around $500 million. It is unclear how much of the cost Adelson might be willing to cover.

The State Department said it had “nothing to announce”…

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