PressTV-‘US works to sell 120,000 guided bombs to Saudi, UAE’

The Trump administration has asked Congress to review the planned sale of more than 120,000 precision-guided munitions to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates amid concerns of their use in Yemen, according to a report.

President Donald Trump views weapons export as a way to create jobs in the United States and his administration has approved billions of dollars in arms sales since January 2017.

In November, Saudi Arabia agreed to purchase $7 billion worth of precision-guided munitions from US-based companies Raytheon and Boeing.

The Trump administration approved the sale, but the deal raised concerns on Capitol Hill over American weapons being used in the Saudi-led war in Yemen, which has left more than 14,000 dead since March 2015.

Under the Arms Export Control Act, the US State Department reviews potential arms sales to ensure they are in line align with US foreign policy objectives before issuing export licenses. The department…

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