PressTV-US won’t change ‘One China’ policy after Tsai’s speech

The Trump administration has said it will not change its “One China” policy following a political speech by Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen in the US.

In a speech on Monday in Los Angeles, Tsai said that Taiwan’s freedom and future was not negotiable, prompting Beijing to lodge an official protest with the United States.

Tsai, a firm defender of Taiwan’s independence, spoke at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library while she was in transit on a trip to Paraguay and Belize, two of the few countries that still recognize the government in Taipei.

“We will keep our pledge that we are willing to jointly promote regional stability and peace under the principles of national interests, freedom and democracy,” she said.

The State Department said Tuesday the remarks did not represent any move by the administration of President Donald Trump to change the official US stand that accepts Beijing as the sole government of China, and does not officially…

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