PressTV-US warns German firms of sanctions over Russia ties

The United States has threatened German energy companies with possible sanctions over their dealings with Russia, after President Donald Trump warned that reliance on Russian energy makes Berlin a “captive” of Moscow.

Washington has long taken issue with Germany’s plans to import gas from Russia through the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, an $11 billion project that would carry Russian gas straight under the Baltic Sea.

The pipeline has also been criticized for depriving Ukraine, a staunch US ally, of lucrative gas transit fees.

US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell warned several German companies in a letter that they could face sanctions for the pipeline project under the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA), the US embassy said Sunday.

“The letter reminds that any company operating in the Russian energy export pipeline sector is in danger under CAATSA of US sanctions,” the embassy spokesman said, claiming there…

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