PressTV-US warns allies again not to use China’s Huawei systems

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has warned that the United States would not share information with countries and allies that use Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei in the development of their next-generation 5G mobile networks.

“If a country adopts this and puts it in some of their critical information systems, we won’t be able to share information with them, we won’t be able to work alongside them,” Pompeo said in an interview on Fox Business Network on Thursday.

“We’re not going to put American information at risk,” he added.

Asked about some Western countries that have resisted US calls to ban Huawei products, Pomepo said Washington has been talking to other nations to make sure they “understand the risk of putting this Huawei technology into their IT systems.”

“We can’t forget these systems were designed … alongside the Chinese PLA, their military in China,” he said. “They are creating a real risk for these countries…

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