PressTV-US wants $1bn missile defense radar in Hawaii

The US military is planning to install a massive radar that officials say is designed to identify missile attacks against the US mainland.

The $1 billion system is supposed to spot incoming missile warheads fired for Hawaii and other US states and send the information to ground-based interceptor missile systems in Alaska, which will then try to shoot them down, reported Wednesday.

According to the report, the radar would be able to distinguish real warheads from decoys that are released to confuse missile systems.

Senator Brian Schatz, a Democrat from Hawaii and a supporter of the project, said the radar would help give the Alaska missiles “better eyes,” said

Lawmakers in the US Congress have appropriated $61 million for the project’s planning but the funds for construction have yet to be approved.

Schatz, a member of the defense subcommittee of the Senate Appropriations Committee, said he was almost sure that the follow-on…

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