PressTV-US VP Pence to announce ‘concrete steps’ for Venezuela

US Vice President Mike Pence is set to announce “concrete steps” and “clear actions” to address the Venezuela crisis, as foreign intervention has pushed the Latin American nation into political chaos and economic collapse.

A senior US administration official said Sunday Pence will make the announcement when he meets on Monday with several leaders in the Americas in Bogota, Colombia.

The official, speaking with reporters on condition of anonymity, declined to say what the new measures would involve ahead of Pence’s speech, to be delivered to a summit of the Lima Group.

“The vice president will announce concrete steps,” the official said. “You should expect him to announce clear actions tomorrow as he speaks to the Lima Group.”

The US vice president also plans to meet with Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido.

The meeting comes after convoys of US aid were blocked at the Venezuelan border by forces loyal to embattled…

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