PressTV-US urges World Court to dismiss Iran’s lawsuit

US lawyers have called on the International Court of Justice (ICJ) – the United Nations’ highest court –to dismiss the Iranian lawsuit calling for a lifting of sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

Last month, Iran filed a complaint with the Hague-based tribunal, also known as the World Court, asking the principal judicial organ of the United Nations to order the US to lift its recently re-imposed sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

Tehran has called on the ICJ to order the immediate lifting of the sanctions, and demanded compensation for damages incurred in their wake.

Iran believes that the re-imposed American sanctions against Iran violate the terms of a 1955 friendship treaty between the two countries. 

But US State Department Legal Adviser Jennifer Newstead argued on Tuesday, the second day of oral arguments in the case that Iran’s appeal based on the 1955 Treaty of Amity, was a legal dodge.

“Iran is endeavoring to use the…

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