PressTV-‘US undermining Venezuela’s national sovereignty’

The United States is pressing ahead with its regime change policy in Venezuela, undermining the national sovereignty of the Latin American country, says a commentator.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has censured his US counterpart Donald Trump for seeking to orchestrate a coup against his government.

On Thursday, Maduro ordered the closure of Venezuela’s embassy and consulates in the United States and also called on all US diplomats to leave his country within 72 hours.

In an interview with Press TV, Dennis Small, Latin America expert, said on Saturday that the United States is pursuing regime change, which will simply create a situation of the law of jungle.

“This is an attempt to eliminate any concept of national sovereignty,” Small warned.

“If this (regime change) is allowed to prosper, which I trust it will not, we could have situations in South America, which would be similar to what was unleashed in Libya or Iraq,” the…

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