PressTV-US to stay in Syria ‘as long as we need to’

The US military forces are poised to stay in war-ravaged Syria for “as long as we need to,” says a Pentagon official.

“We are going to maintain our commitment on the ground as long as we need to, to support our partners and prevent the return of terrorist groups,” Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon told AFP on Tuesday.

The Department of Defense spokesman on Iraq and Syria also repeated Washington’s stance that the US and its allies are fighting the Daesh Takfiri group there.

He further announced that there would be no timeline to determine if and when they may leave as their presence is “conditions-based.”

“To ensure an enduring defeat of ISIS, the coalition must ensure it cannot regenerate, reclaim lost ground, or plot external attacks,” he said. “This is essential to the protection of our homeland as well as to defend our allies and partners…. The United States will sustain a conditions-based military presence in Syria to combat the…

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