PressTV- US to encircle Russia with anti-ballistic missiles: Russia

A Russian defense official says the United States is planning to deploy some 400 anti-ballistic missiles on Russia’s doorstep as part of its military buildup in Eastern Europe.

“A large-scale effort is ongoing to encircle Russia with an anti-missile shield. Anti-missile defense sites have been already seat up on US soil in California and Alaska,” Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin told state-run Russia 24 TV channel on Friday.

“Overall, some 400 anti-ballistic missiles will be deployed, significantly diminishing the potential of Russia’s nuclear deterrent,” Fomin said, adding that “anti-missile defense sites in Japan and South Korea will join this circle.”

Washington has in fact long been enhancing its anti-missile shield into Europe.

Last year, the US for the first time deployed Patriot long-range anti-aircraft missiles to the Baltics to be used in large-scale NATO military drills in Lithuania near Russia’s…

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