PressTV-US to conduct missile drill on Japan’s Okinawa: Report

The United States’ military is reportedly seeking to carry out its first ever missile drill on and around the Japanese Island of Okinawa as part of attempts to contain what Washington sees as China’s growing maritime prowess in the region.

Sankei Shimbun newspaper reported on Thursday that the US military had notified Japan’s that it would station surface-to-ship missiles in the strategically important island this year.

The paper said the drill would also involve the deployment of a mobile rocket launcher as a counter-measure against potential attacks from Chinese surface-to-sea ballistic missiles.

China has repeatedly warned the US against extending its military presence in Asia and the Pacific, describing US military presence as a source of regional instability.

Over the past years, Chinese warships have sailed through waters near Okinawa, where the majority of US troops in Japan are based, in a bid to curb US military dominance as…

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