PressTV-‘US still hopes for diplomacy with N Korea’

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says Washington is still hopeful for diplomacy with North Korea amid mounting s pressure against nuclear-powered Pyongyang.

The former ExxonMobil CEO made the comments after US President Donald Trump declared North Korea a state sponsor of terror on Monday.

“We still hope for diplomacy,” Tillerson told a White House press conference. “This is all part of continuing to turn this pressure up.”

He further bragged about measures to confront North Korea, asserting that they have had a “significant effect.”

Earlier in the day, Trump announced that North Korea was being restored to the US blacklist of state sponsors of terrorism.

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The measure, the US secretary of state argued, would dissuade third-party entities from doing business with the hermit state.

“The practical effect of it is … it may though disrupt, and dissuade some third parties from undertaking certain activities with North Korea, as…

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