PressTV-US stick will not change China’s trade stance: Beijing

A Chinese official says the United States should stop using “a threatening stick” in trade negotiations with China, stressing that Beijing will not change its stance on trade matters under pressure.

US President Donald Trump initiated what is effectively a trade war with China last month when he announced unusually high tariffs on Chinese aluminum and steel imports. Beijing has repeatedly cautioned against such a war since then but has taken retaliatory action.

Several rounds of tit-for-tat measures were introduced before the two sides agreed to negotiate to resolve the matter.

But those talks have hit a wall. Even before they began, Trump had threatened to levy a further $100 billion in tariffs against China, in addition to the $50 billion of tariffs already proposed on Chinese imports.

“The United States must put away its threatening stick. China’s position has not changed and will not change,” Chinese Commerce Ministry…

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