PressTV-US state accuses Vatican of complicity in abuse cover-up

The US state of Pennsylvania has accused the Vatican of knowing about recently-disclosed child sex abuse cases and involvement in their cover-up.

The state’s attorney general Josh Shapiro said on Tuesday that the Vatican was aware of a cover-up of the abuse by hundreds of Roman Catholic priests there through secret archives that bishops in the state shared with church leaders in Rome.

Catholic Bishops in Pennsylvania, however, systematically denied the abuse of thousands of children over a 70-year period.

The allegations were first made by Shapiro during a news conference on Aug.14 to lift the lid on a report on a two-year investigation into how Catholic clergymen in the state allegedly groomed and sexually abused children.

“There are specific examples where when the abuse occurred, the priests would go, the bishops would go and lie to parishioners, lie to law enforcement, lie to the public, but then document all the abuse in secret…

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