PressTV-US shutdown cost to exceed Trump’s wall money soon

As an ongoing shutdown of the US government over President Donald Trump’s border wall approaches its fifth week, analysts are warning that the cost of keeping federal agencies closed down will soon surpass the $5.7 billion that Trump has requested for his controversial barrier.

The shutdown, which began on December 22, had cost the US economy $3.6 billion by January 11, the financial analysis firm S&P warned earlier this week.

According to that estimate, the stalemate is setting the US economy back $1.2 billion every week, or about $170 million per day.

That means on Day 25 of the shutdown the US economy had lost around $4.3 billion dollar as a result and the figure was going to cross Trump’s ideal border security budget if the row continued for another week.

Despite bipartisan calls to end the shutdown, Trump has indicated that he would keep the government closed until Democrats agree to fund his wall on the border with Mexico in the…

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