PressTV-‘US should step out for peace in Korea’

The United States should “step out of the way” for the Korean Peninsula to find peace rather than continuing its “aggressive” approach, a political expert suggests.

“The two governments in Korea appear both to have the inclination and also the political space to not only drive down the rhetoric and the threat of war but to actually start reaching some agreement together,” said Don DeBar, a political commentator and radio host based in New York, in an interview with Press TV on Tuesday.

He further suggested that the administration of US President Donald Trump should soften its rhetoric against North Korea for peace to flourish on the peninsula.

“The North has always wanted to have an accommodation,” he continued. “President Trump has been so aggressive rhetorically with North Korea and he has certainly done whatever he needed to for the base to not look weak on Korea.”

The Trump administration said recently that any…

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