PressTV-‘US should assure Kim it will not seek regime change’

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has acknowledged that the United States needs to provide “assurances” to North Korean leader that it will not seek to overthrow him before the two countries can forge a nuclear agreement.

Pompeo was asked on “Fox News Sunday” whether the US was willing to assure Kim John-un he could stay in power if he met the US demands to dismantle North Korean nuclear weapons.

The top diplomat responded that, “We will have to provide security assurances, to be sure.”

“This has been the trade-off that has been pending for 25 years,” he added.

Pompeo did not elaborate, but his comment appeared to refer to the type of assurances Pyongyang has demanded in the past.

During international negotiations over North Korea’s nuclear weapons program in 2005, the country said the United States affirmed that “it has no nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula and has no intention to attack or invade (North Korea) with nuclear…

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