PressTV-‘US separated thousands more children at border’

The administration of US President Donald Trump has separated thousands more immigrant children from their parents at the southern border than previously announced, US officials say.

“Thousands more children were separated from their families than we were previously told — and we still don’t even know exactly how many kids have been ripped from their families because the [Trump} Administration has failed to keep track,” Democratic Representative Bennie Thompson said on Thursday.

Thompson, who heads the House Committee on Homeland Security, criticized the Trump Administration for its cruel policy and disregard for the hapless refugees whose children were forcibly separated from the parents after illegally crossing the US-Mexico border from 2017-2018  . 

“The Trump Administration, with its unique blend of incompetence, cruelty, and disregard for basic decency, misled the American public on one of its most heinous policies to date,”…

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