PressTV-US Senate breaks with Trump on Russia sanctions

The US Senate has voted to move ahead with a Democratic-backed resolution blocking President Donald Trump’s plan to lift sanctions against three major Russian companies.

Senators voted 57-42 on Tuesday to advance legislation that would disapprove of a Washington’s plan to ease sanctions on Russian aluminum giant Rusal as well as En+ Group and power firm EuroSibEnergo.

The three companies are claimed to have ties with Oleg Deripaska, a Russian business tycoon and an aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The bill had been proposed by Democratic Senate Minority leader Senator Chuck Schumer based on a provision in a 2017 Russia sanctions law.

Under a 2017 law, Congress has the authority to halt any decision by the Trump administration to weaken sanctions, providing lawmakers with a 30-day window to reject the plan if lawmakers believe it undermines US economic and national security interests.

The Tuesday vote in favor of the disapproval…

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