PressTV-‘US seeks to erode popular support for Iranian govt.’

The administration of US President Donald Trump has mounted a pressure campaign against Iran to erode popular support for the Islamic Republic and “subvert” the government in Tehran, says an analyst.

“It’s very clear the policies of Washington are going on two tracks: One is to try and subvert the [Iranian]  government by making pressure on the government to undermine popular support for policies of the government,” said James Petras, an American writer and academic in New York.

“The other is to subvert the government through enticing them into negotiations on the basis of President Trump’s new agenda,” Petras said in an interview.

In the meantime, Washington is putting pressure on Tehran to abandon its regional alliances and end its support for resistance movements like Hezbollah.

“I think this is not very effective because that puts nothing on the agenda that’s any different from what the [US] government has been doing up…

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