PressTV-US scraps B-52 bomber drill amid N Korea threats

The United States has canceled a training exercise involving nuclear-capable B-52 bombers flying alongside South Korean warplanes after North Korea threatened to call off a planned meeting between Kim John-un and President Donald Trump, according to reports.

The move follows repeated objection by Pyongyang to US military exercises on the Korean Peninsula and a threat that it would cancel the highly-anticipated summit between the North Korean leader and the US president on June 12.

The Pentagon had initially asserted that it had no plans to change the scope of its exercises in the region, but the South Koreans asked not to take part in what was intended to be an air drill involving the US, South Korea and Japan, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing US officials said.

“These are alliance decisions, this is something that we do to ensure the readiness of both our forces as well as the South Korean forces,” Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White…

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