PressTV-US says to continue military drills with S Korea

The US says it will hold a joint military exercise with South Korea hours after President Donald Trump hailed as “very positive” North Korea’s offer of talks.

The Foal Eagle exercise described by the US military as defensive in nature could begin as early as the end of this month, according to three US defense officials.

The yearly drill with Seoul involves thousands of US troops conducting ground, air, naval, and special operations field exercises.

The exercises are usually conducted in March and April, but South Korean President Moon Jae-In told NBC News in December that his country was asking the US to put off the exercises until after the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in PyeongChang which end March 18.

South Korean marines participate in a joint military exercise with US troops on April 2, 2017 in Pohang, South Korea. (Photo by Getty Images)

“Additional information will be released after the Paralympics,” Pentagon spokesperson Lt….

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