PressTV-US sanctions condemned at Iran’s embassy in UK

US sanctions on Iran were condemned as “vindictive” for targeting ordinary people at an Iran-Britain business event on Thursday.

The conference was organized by the British-Iranian Chamber of Commerce (BICC) which seeks to develop mutual co-operation and beneficial relations between Iran and the UK.  

Iranian Ambassador Hamid Baeidinejad was one of three key speakers at the event which took place at the Iranian embassy. During his opening speech, he explained that European-Iranian relations have taken on a special political and strategic importance.

He explained that the European Union is encouraging high-level political, economic and business partnerships with Iran, and that a top European political representative was in Tehran considering ways of protecting the channel of financial and banking links between Iran and Europe.

 “As I speak to you now, a high level delegation from the EU, led by a senior Germany diplomat, is in…

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