PressTV-US role in Yemen war unconstitutional: Senator

The US government’s support for Saudi Arabia in its brutal war against Yemen is “unconstitutional,” says Democratic Senator Ro Khanna, who is working on a legislation to end the US military’s involvement in the deadly aggression.

Speaking to Democracy Now! in an interview published on Monday, the California Democrat said Washington’s military support for Saudi Arabia in forms of mid-air refueling flights and targeting intelligence had never been approved by lawmakers.

“Unfortunately, we have been aiding Saudi Arabia. We have been fueling the Saudi—refueling Saudi planes. We’ve been assisting Saudi Arabia with targeting. And none of this has been approved by the United States Congress,” said Khanna.

“The question is: Do human rights matter? Are we going to stand up for basic human rights and basic values? And in the past, the United States has, in this area, taken a view that ‘Let’s just balance Iran, and it doesn’t…

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