PressTV-US prisoners go on strike against ‘modern-day slavery’

Prisoners across the United Sates have started a protest where they are expected to refuse to work, hold sit-ins and even stage hunger strikes.

The United Sates has a massive army of 2.3 million incarcerated men and women which is by far the largest imprisoned population in the world. The event possibly will be the largest prison strike in American history.  

The two-week strike, which started on Tuesday, is likely to put pressure on the US penal system.  The protest leaders say the protest is aimed at ending “modern-day slavery.” Prisoners complain they are paid pennies on the dollar per hour for labor.

The protest began on the anniversary of the assassination of jailed African American activist and inmate George Jackson, who was shot dead by a guard in 1971 after taking guards and two inmates hostage in a bid to escape from San Quentin State Prison in California. 

In the first part of the strike, stoves will remain unlit in kitchens,…

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