PressTV-US presidents name calling has a ‘long history’

Donald Trump’s habit of constant name-calling of foreign leaders such as Korean leader Kim Jong-un stands out as an exceptional case, but is not unique and has precedent in US history, an American analyst says.

“George W. Bush called Kim Jong-il a pygmy and a spoiled child, so there is plenty of this stuff in the past,” said David Lindorff, an author and investigative journalist, in an interview with Press TV Monday.

Former US Vice President Joe Biden denounced Trump’s rhetoric against the North Korean leadership on Monday, saying it is “beneath the office” of the presidency.

“We are admired not just for the exercise of our power, but the power of our example. And it matters the way we conduct our discourse. It matters the way in which we talk,” Biden told NBC News. “Our leaders have impact on attitudes. And I just think it’s a big mistake and it’s beneath the office.”

Biden’s remarks came a day after Trump…

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