PressTV-US plans sale of anti-tank missiles to Ukraine

The United States administration has formally notified Congress of its intent to sell 210 anti-tank missiles to Ukraine, in a move deemed a major escalation in the Ukrainian conflict.

The US administration on Thursday notified Congress of plans to sell to Ukraine 210 US-made Javelin missiles accompanied by 37 command launch units, worth 47 billion dollars in total.

The US military has already begun training Ukrainian forces on how to use the lethal weapon.

The missiles would be shipped from the existing US Army stockpiles in a bid to speed up the process of transferring them to the Ukrainian military forces.

The weapons would most likely be delivered to Kiev sometime in April, AP reported, citing “several congressional officials” who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The US military’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency also issued a statement saying that, “Ukraine will have no difficulty absorbing this system into its armed…

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