PressTV-‘US planes in Syria can spark war with Russia’

American and Russian planes are operating in close proximity to each other in Syria which can cause an accidental war between Washington and Moscow, says James Jatras, a former American Senate foreign policy adviser.

Jatras made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Saturday while commenting on reports which claimed that American fighter jets intercepted Russian military aircraft over Syria on Wednesday. Russia, however, has dismissed the reports.

The US Defense Department claimed Thursday that the Russian fighter jets were flying over a banned area in Syria.

The alleged interception took place when two US Air Force F-22 Raptors were scrambled to chase two Russian Sukhoi Su-25 Grach bombers out of a coalition-controlled area on the east side of the Euphrates River near the town of Bukamal.

Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon told Russia’s state news agency Tass that the Raptors deployed chaff and flares to warn the Russian airmen while one…

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