PressTV-US opens ‘biggest overseas base’ in South Korea

US forces in South Korea have opened their “biggest overseas base”, just weeks after President Donald Trump said he wanted to bring the troops home. 

Camp Humphreys straddles an area of over 14.5 million square meters. It’s in Pyeongtaek around 70 kilometers south of Seoul.

The two allies agreed as long ago as 1990 to relocate the previous headquarters to Camp Humphreys, but the project was delayed for years by resident protests.

The relocation project was revived following an agreement back in May 2003.

The commander of US Forces Korea, Vincent K. Brooks, said South Korea had shouldered nearly all the cost of building the military base

“This was a project that cost nearly $10.8 billion to build over 10 years and the Republic of Korea investment was over 90 percent of the cost,” Brooks said in a ceremony at the new base on Friday.

US soldiers stand guard during a joint medical evacuation exercise as part of the annual massive…

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