PressTV-‘US notified Israel ahead of strikes on Syria’

The United States reportedly notified Israel of missile strikes against Syria in advance.

Between 12 and 24 hours before the strikes on Friday, the US, the UK and France on Friday, Tel Aviv received the message, an Israeli source told Reuters on Saturday.

The announcement was later confirmed by a US embassy spokesperson.

In the early hours of Saturday, the US, Britain and France launched a barrage of missile attacks against Syria in response to what they claim to have been a chemical attack by the Syrian government in the town of Douma in the suburb of Damascus on April 7.

Syria rejected the accusations as “chemical fabrications” made by the foreign-backed terrorists in the country in a bid to halt advances by pro-government forces.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has praised the strikes carried out in a stated effort to destroy three chemical weapons facilities in Syria.

“Early this morning, under American leadership, the…

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